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Workforce of approximately 65,000 employees and contractors as of 30 June 2016We believe that the best SHE policy is the one that effectively implements section 11(2) of the MHSA (Mine Health and Safety Act of outh Africa). Proactive identification of risk to health, safety and environment followed by mitigating the said risks with suitable controls.

  • Eliminate any recorded risk.
  • Control the risk at source through substituting the hazard or exposure thereto.
  • Control the risk at source through by engineering a physical separation / barrier.
  • Minimise the risk through engineering redesign or limit exposure through procedural guidelines.

Our strategy is focused on applying controls in the design phase of every system, including design of the physical process operation, work systems, organisational structure and employee training programs. Our approach is to implement the most resilient control measures to minimise dependence of risk mitigation on employees as far is practically feasible. The emphasis is on managing risk at source either by eliminating it completely or by engineering it out through barrier protection or substitutions.

The second aspect of our SHE policy puts emphasis on empowering employees on hazard identification, and proactive management of change in their work program which will invariably have potential to introduce new risks and hazards. This coupled with active monitoring systems that continually improve employee safety awareness and responsibility through simple but yet tangible systems like over inspection and coaching on pre-work risk assessment and conduction planned task observations progressively builds employee capacity on safety and risk management.

We don’t believe in confusing our employees with multiple safety programs and initiatives that are forever changing but seek to deliver the same message. We simply educate them on two steps to their safety.

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