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WattPower Minerals is founded on principles that hold us accountable to our customers, employees, host communities and statutory stakeholders. Our main objective is to develop and grow African communities. We aim to achieve this through exploration of our mineral resources, and development of inclusive and sustainable mining assets in partnerships with host communities, authorities, and other stakeholders.

We found our niche in developing aspiring entrepreneurs in various African countries, by transforming artisanal miners to industrial miners. Our origin and commitment to the continent gears us up to get our hands in mud where most players don't want to. Yes we are those mud diggers who find value when people say it is tough in Africa. The ones who walk through bushes and nest a foundation, the ones who will always be proud to provide empowerment to host communities and walk with them throughout the entire process. Our passion for Africa will continue to make us strive.

Our second business objective is to bring profitability to marginal mining companies in Africa through implementation of asset sweating initiatives that enhance efficiencies and eliminate waste of limited resources. Our customized engagement process is well defined with quick turnaround times to suit any operation, where improvements are realised over short to medium term periods allowing our clients to be in a position to realise rewards. Our proposal structure is versatile and renders our clients a choice best suited to their business needs and operating strategy.

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