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Our main competitive advantage is in our identity and genome as Africans, which gives us valuable insight into the cultural, political, and economic dynamics of Africa. It is our conviction that Africa is enriched with the most abundant mineral wealth that is still relatively untapped even in the 21st century. It is also our belief that the world will in the near future have no option but look to Africa for its mineral demands in unprecedented volumes and desperation. Our African heritage thus affords a profound understanding and appreciation of the following dynamics about Africa:-

  • Cultural diversity and values system of our communities.
  • Scars left by the legacy of Colonisation in our society.
  • Absence of common vision and volatility in our Continent’s political climate
  • The structure of economic development sought by our people.
  • The nature of intervention and support by Western Counties sought by Africans.

It is this insight that provides us with a unique set of skills to formulate an economic development solution that strikes a balance between Capitalism and Equitable Economic Empowerment of our communities in partnership with African Governments.

Secondly our business partnership model serves as an instrument to make a meaningful contribution to economic development of our host communities and also help to advance our following business goals:-

  • Develop Business Leaders and Small Business Enterprises
  • Distribute Wealth Equitably
  • Mine Responsibly
  • Surpass Customer Expectations
  • Create Sustainable Employment
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