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  • Mill relining (Steel and Rubber liners)
  • Mill end rubber lining
  • Mill shell rubber lining
  • Mill trunnion rubberline
  • Mill end and shell steel damage repairs in high tech ceramic wear resistant compound
  • Rubber Lining of Tanks Mill hopper seal inspection and maintenance
  • Rubber lining of tanks, sumps and pipes
  • Ceramic lining using high wear impact tiles 92% alumina content ceramic tiles of up to 50mm thick, imbedded into an epoxy adhesive resistant to sulphide attack and moisture creep
  • Manufacture Pipes, Sumps, Mill Feed Hoppers, Chutes, Reducers, Safety Guards
  • Installation Bins , Chutes, Vibrating screens, Feed Boxes
  • Liner maintenance of Screen/Cyclone Overflow Boxes, Underpans Boxes

Wet ends maintenance

  • Rotor,
  • Stator/diffuser
  • Dart valves
  • Refurbishment of stators/diffusers

Mechanical maintenance

  • Bearing lubrication and repairs
  • Motor lubrication
  • V-belts monitoring and replacement
  • V-pulleys monitoring and replacement

Structural maintenance

  • Safety guards repairs
  • Tank cell corrosion protection
  • Tailings distant outlet pipes monitoring and repairs


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